Attention in the Pit – Sold Out

Many thanks to all who have secured their starting places in advance. We can announce this year that we are SOLD OUT!

There are no more starting places available. A Registration for the race is no longer possible because of the high number of participants this year.

Visitors and campers can of course purchase their tickets at the gates of the event. We look forward to welcoming you!

arrival information

Due to flight operations ceasing on Thursday 8pm, the setup of the race event will begin in the late hours of Thursday evening, therefore we recommend that race teams plan their arrival at one of the following times:

  • Thursday, 18.07.2019, gates open at 10 pm until ca. 2 am
  • Friday, 19.07.2019, gates open at 9 am until 12am (midnight)

On Thursday evening during the setup of the event the main entrance must be kept clear of traffic, therefore it is imperative for all teams to proceed to the collection site, which is on the car park of the Disco “Twister” in Sande (see picture below). The teams will be welcomed and pre-cleared at the collection site. On Friday teams can proceed directly to the main gate of the track. This year the number of participants again has grown significantly, so we must ensure that the pit area is well organized, therefore we will begin clearing the heavy trucks / lorries first to enter the pit area on Thursday at 10 pm, so they have sufficient space to manoeuvre. The teams with small trucks etc. will follow. We kindly ask for your cooperation and patience. After the teams have set up their pit space, they can proceed to the race office to sign-on for the event.  

Registration record and last starting places

Up until late last night we worked on the last entries. At this point we would like to thank all participants for putting their trust in us. We are thrilled to announce that this year we have a new record with over 200 entries. If you still want enter for the event, you can still register online until Wednesday. We would like to expressly point out that due to the number of entries we will no longer be accepting entries upon arrival at the front gate! The updated entry list is online and can be found here: Starter 2019


Yesterday we introduced more of our volunteers. Today we would like to introduce further volunteers:
  • Tanja Kuncke, Track Crew
  • Marcel Fitterer, Scrutineer
  • Rik Olschewski, Track Crew
  • Albina Kaiser, Volunteer Setup and dismantling
  • Rene Kaiser, Vounteer Setup and dismantling
  • Tobais Heilig, Scrutineer
One or two have been the crew since the begining 10 years ago and others have joined us over the years. Many Thanks for your contribution!  


Today we come to the conclusion of the introduction of our crew members. Unfortunately due to lack of consent we where not able to introduce all of our volunteers to you. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our helpers, that make it possible to accomplish the Jade Race. This includes the responsible authorities that help us to implement the official requirements in order to ensure a safe Event. Finally we would like to introduce the next volunteers:
  • Heike Schuessler, Steward
  • Iris Behrens, Event Organizer
  • Andrea Kloss, Track Crew
  • Rene Kloss, Race Director
  • André Martens, Race Director
  • Michael Behrens, Event Organizer
  • Stefanie Lugner, Steward
One or two have been the crew since the begining 10 years ago and others have joined us over the years. Many Thanks for your contribution!

Preparation and birthday

Today the first crew members arrived for further preparations of the race event. This Weekend we will be preparing the Equipment. But first we will be celebrating Michael Behrens birthday with some good cake and a tasty Greek meal.

Speed record

The Jade-Race will have the following attractions: Dual reinforcement from France this year! Mr. Donald Pottier will attempt to break the track record of 450 km/h with his Jet Car “Armageddon”. Also David Pottier will Display the famous GREEN MONSTER from the USA, which has only just arrived in Europe! A Turbine Dragster that is not propelled forward by the jet stream but rather through a gearbox that drives the wheels Forward. It will be a spectacular fire Show; when both French Drivers heat up their turbines to get maximum Performance…. Join us – at the Jade-Race from 19. – 20.07. – in Mariensiel (in Wilhelmshaven) at the JadeWeserAirport.

New construction of the runway

For many years was talked about redevelopment of the runway again and again. This year it’s finally time, the construction starts on 15.04.2019. Follow the construction work live from the tower:

As of April 15, 2019, runway 02/20 will be renovated at JadeWeser Airport, Wilhelmshaven. The measure is expected to take 6-7 weeks. In order to minimize the restrictions on general aviation and local companies, authorities, clubs and private pilots, limited flight operations should be possible during construction. For this purpose, the renovation is divided into 5 phases, each of which is associated with its own flight restrictions / options.

204/5000 For the Drag Racing sport this means that the Jade Race 2019 will take place on a completely new level runway. The LineUp as well as the Returnline are not affected by the construction measure.