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The race event is held at the JadeWeserAIRPORT (former Airfield Wilhelmshaven-Mariensiel) in Sande-Mariensiel.

    26452 Sande-Mariensiel

The runway is 1459 metres long and 30 metres wide, offering a generously measured brake and shutdown area even suitable for faster classes. The surface of the track is large-pored Asphalt with good grip.

The track can be viewed anytime via the 180° Webcam of JadeWeserAIRPORT . The camera provides an updated picture every minute.


Anmeldung Starter = sign on office teams
Ausfahrt = Exit
Eingang Besucher = Entrance Spectators
Fahrerlager = Pits
Fahrerlager, Zufahrt = access road pits
Händler, Aussteller = Exhibitors
Parkplatz, Zufahrt = acess road parking area
Rückführung = Return Road
Zu der Tribühne = to the stands
Zum Start = to the staging area

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