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After the old german saying “BECAUSE AFTER THE RACE IS ALSO BEFORE THE RACE …”



…fast, exciting, thrilling and great variety!

From the XX.- XX.07.20XX the Jade-Race offers racing atmosphere – close up and extremeley exciting. A great experience for drivers and spectators! In front of a typical North German scenery and in the midst of nature you can watch racing at it’s best. Since 2010, Drag Racing has transformed the runway of the Jade-Weser-Airport into a racetrack. Not only the drag racers on the quarter mile have taken a liking to the strip but the spectators too enjoy the view of the track along the longest bleacher of the world – the dike!

Our Goal is to make the event an unforgettable weekend extravaganza for everyone involved! The Focus however is clearly on the competition of the race! Our priority is a fast and smooth organisation on the race track in order to provide the teams with as many runs as possible.

The spacious facility helps us to accomplish this: the runway is 1459 metres long and 30 metres wide and for the faster vehicles we have a more than sufficient breaking and shutdown area. The return road allows the drivers a quick return to the pits and/or staging lanes.

The DHRA Crew ensure accurate timing precise to one thousandth of a second. The DHRA guy’s measure and document the times of all runs and also ensure a professional and speedy tech inspection.

The legendary German track commentator Benni Voss entertains and explaines what’s happening on the track. No wonder he has been nicknamed the “Fastest Snout of Germany” but some call him “the walking encyclopedia of drag racing” as Benni not only knows the classes, cars, bikes, technical jargon as well as most Drivers and riders but he is also is very knowledgable when it comes to the rules.

Thus, the event takes place under international standards.

The spectators have unrestricted access to the pits and staging lanes. Those interested can take a close look in, under and around the race cars and interact with the drivers and crews. You can hear the cackle of the engines and it is only a couple of steps between the pits and the natural bleachers “the dike” to watch the races.

Regional specialist companies have the opportuntity to present their products and services in the pits. Offers range from car tuning, repair services, accessories, tools and the presentation of cars and motorcycles. Very informative and interesting – not only for racing enthusiasts.

The Jade-Race is not only open to racing junkies, but beginners are also welcome to find out how long a couple of seconds can actually be when your in the pursuit of speed.

What do you need, to get staged at the starline? ….

  • read the Terms and Conditions
  • enter the race
  • get a Helmet
  • be ready to get your car scrutineered
  • And: Welcome to the club of acceleration addicts!

One of the unwritten laws of Drag Racing is that in the pits everyone helps eachother and that neither envy or resentment prevail. We all pursue the same objective: We all attempt to get to the stripe first with the funds available to each of us.