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Anyone interested in particpating in the event to experience drag racing and maybe get started, but has questions or may even be unsure, may find the following Information helpful:

It is our goal to prevent illegal street racing and to pursuade participants to practice professional motorsports. Organized drag racing is all about safety, uniform rules that must be followed when competing fairly.

Which class should I start in?

Preferably a driver first chooses a class and then equips his/her car accordngly. However if you can’t figur out which is the right class for you, then just send us an email to Give us your vehicle specs and we will recommend a class for you. Just send us the following Information:

  • Is your vehicle registered for use on public roads; or an unregistered road vehicle; or a purpose built race vehicle?
  • How much HP/kw does the vehicle have?
  • How much does the vehicle weigh?
  • Is the vehicle equiped with front-, rear- or four wheel drive?
  • Does the vehicle have any modifications?
  • What type of saftey belts does the vehicle have?
  • Where is the battery located in the vehicle?
  • Is the battery mounted stock?
  • Does the vehicle have a role cage or a roll bar?
  • What is the top Speed of the vehicle?

Or if you just want to give it try to find out what it is like to run on the quartermile, then you can sign-up for the Demo runs or Test & Tune. You can however register to compete in a class as soon as you pass tech inspection with your vehicle. It is possible that during tech inspection, the official will change your class to according to the spec of your vehicle and ofcoarse in correspondence with licence requirements.

If you are well familiar with your vehicle and you are confident of selecting the correct class, we recommend reading the rule book of the relevant class. Select a class that fits your car and make any necessary modifications and acquire the safety equipment necessary (e.g. race suit, helmet etc.). Inquire whether a which type of licence maybe necessary for the class and roll up to tech inspection in order to get your permission to start

If you have any questions regarding the rules or classes, then send an email to

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