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We are proud to present the largest race series for the youngest generation of drag racers:

DMSB Drag Racing Pokal: The DMSB
Der DMSB has been promoting the DMSB Drag Racing Trophy (Status: National A) since 2016. The Championship is carried out according to Level 4 of the General Regulations for DMSB-Race Series’s. We are one of the Events, where the Drivers of the classes Junior Dragster, Pro ET, Super Comp, Super Gas and ET Bike can compete for the trophy.
Drivers with at least a national licence categorie B are entitled to collect points.
ProET Challenge (ProET) One of Europe’s favorite race series. This bracket class race series is organized by the ProET Dragracing Europe Association. The class has a large amount of competitors througout the years with cars ranging from 150 – 1.000 HP. In this popular class a wide range of modifications are possible. The class index on the quartermile is 11.99 – 9.00 seconds.
DHRA European Drag Racing Series (EDRS): This DHRA race series is carried out at four events and one of them is the Jade-Race. The overall winner of the EDRS in all classes is pronounced the “King Street Europa” and is rewarded with a trip to Las Vegas to the Drag Racing School to do his/her race licence.
Classes for street legal vehicles (the class for newcomers and standard production vehicles): 
Public Race – class 4 (DSL): slower than 15.00 seconds;
Public Race – class 3 (CSL): 14.99 to 14.00 sec.;
Public Race – class 2 (BSL): 13.99 to 13.00 sec.;
Public Race – class 1 (ASL): 12.99 to 12.00 sec.
*In the entry form, the above mentioned classes are cumulated to the class Public Race (OSL). 
Classes for race cars (incl. modified street lega vehicles):
SE: 13.99 to 9.00 sec. (ET Bracket class, comparible to ProET);
SM: faster than 11.99 sec.;
WS: faster than 10,49 sec.
Classes for Bikes:
SLB Street Legal Bike: Heads up
PSB: Public Street bike: Heads up
SMB: Street modified faster than 11.99 sec.;
Demo Classes:
All professional Drag Race Teams have the opportunity, to test under the conditions as competitive runs. All vehicles that fit the technical requirements of all official regulated drag race classes are authorized to participate. During the whole weeked the event has plenty of time slots, for participants to make use of Test & Tune. Street legal vehicles also have the possibility to make the experience.
Junior Nationals Class:
Our youngest participants have their very own race series in which they participate with their DragBikes (JD) and Dragsters (JD).

Please Notice!!! The conditions for participation can be found under “Entry Form”.

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