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Drag Racing is the fastest and loudest US export. The beginnings of the sport reach back to the 1950s. Back then the first drag races where done in tuned street legal cars on public roads. The american hot rod scene is known as the so called cradle of drag racing.

Top Fueler

The drag racing virus is highly contagious and the incubation period is often shorter as the run of a blown alcohol dragster on the quartermile. Since the mid 1960s this meanwhile professionally organized sport has gained an impressive fan community in Europe. In March 1968 the first official drag race was held in Germany on the US Airbase in Ramstein and for many years it was the recreational activity on the weekend at the US Airbase Fliegerhorst in Erlensee and not only for the american troops stationed in Germany but also for many Germans that where infected by the drag racing Virus. These where the founding fathers of the drag racing scene in Germany, many of which still participate or spectate to this day.

Drag racing is motorsport up close and where the pits are freely accessible for spectators, a place where enthusiasts can experience up close and in real time how the teams get their race cars ready between runs. Where it possible to watch teams completely dismantle and service engines in a very short time frame.

Despite todays technical progress such as electronic data-collection, wind canal styled bodies and the increasingly complex engines, the decisive factor at the finish line is the driver – with his (or her) skill, reaction  and ability to provide the  determining advantage in this classic contest between man and machine against man and machine.

In Mariensiel we aim to inspire the North of Germany for this Motorsport! Drag racing is a showdown on the race track, away from public roads in a secure environment. True to the Motto “Take it to the track!” we are doing everything we can to infect fans with the racing virus and in a way maybe even go back to the roots of the sport. 

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