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The motorsports events in the north of Germany will start in the eighth round!

However, round is not an option, because it goes quickly over the straight line – the ¼ mile. Around 200 teams from all over Europe are taking part, as this is the second-largest international race of this kind in Germany. The participants are driving on the start line, which has several thousand horse stables. A special highlight is the turbines Dragster by Gerd Habermann. The vehicle has 15,000 hp and reached an absolute record time in the last year at the Jade Race on the ¼ mile (402m). With 6.8 sec and a final speed of 386 km / h. On July 14, 2017, it is time again. Then the rather tranquil coastal town of Mariensiel, in the municipality of Sande, just before the border to Wilhelmshaven, will be the Mecca for friends of Drag Racing for three days.

This is due to the fact that the former Sielort has an airfield. The JadeWeserAirport runway, will be declared the fastest pace for this weekend. In each lap, the 1/4 mile (402 meters) long track in the sprint is taken.

There are different objectives. On the one hand, whoever is the fastest and who wins the most time he has set before is the most accurate. This is not only about top speed, but also about skill and sensitivity. The visitors are looking forward to a breathtaking race track.

Generous audience areas allow for an optimal view of the start and finish. It is thus possible to observe the starters at close range and to watch the screaming and cracking engines as they push the wheels against the asphalt, erase the rubber on the runway, and burn the wheels to squeal and smoke during the burn out. Boredom does not usually occur at the Jade Race, because there is something to see everywhere. Thus, almost no-stop is started in the minute clock. Both cars and motorbikes are used. The vehicles are partly regularly in the daily road traffic moved and partly they were only for the renneinsatz set up. These often look like they are aggressive high-speed monsters.

The drivers can register via the website of the Jade Race or book their starting place directly at the race. And if you want to take a break, you can use the opportunity on Friday. This day also offers amateurs the opportunity to drive a personal best time with their own car over the ¼ mile. All information is also available on the Internet at: www.jade-race.com.

The visitors can look around in the driver’s position, look at the motorized power props there in peace and occasionally sometimes lead one or the other Benz conversation. Except for the racetrack is nothing blocked and thus freely accessible for the thousands of visitors, which are expected again.

However, the factor of safety and the quality of the route is particularly important. The race is international and has been approved by the DMSB (German Motor Sport Association). Finally, no one is to be harmed, assured organizer Michael Behrens. This is a great team for a smooth process. The many voluntary helpers ensure that all guests and teams are well supplied. A special guest will be Det Müller, who wants to convince himself of the grip and speed personally. The presenter, known from radio and television, comes from Cloppenburg himself and can not miss a motor sport event in front of the front door.

Another well-known face and well-known voice, belong to the stretching speaker Benni Voss. For several years, he has been hosting various Drag Race events and is regarded as a changing lexicon in the dragracing scene.

The gates to the Jade Race will be open for free practice on Friday from about 12.00. On Saturday and Sunday it starts at 9.00 clock.

In the catering area there is tea, coffee, soft drinks, delicious breakfast and cakes. There are also numerous booths with drinks and snacks on the premises. Also some food trucks have registered and provide a very special offer.

There is also a large camping site directly at the airport. If you are interested, you can book your ticket online in advance. So you can stay directly on the premises during the whole event and thus experience everything “Non Stop”.

For visitors arriving by car, there are many parking lots as well as a transfer by bus. Bikers and motorcyclists are allowed to drive right up to the door.

The Jade Race Crew is looking forward to the many fans of the sprint race at Jade Bay!