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Today we come to the conclusion of the introduction of our crew members. Unfortunately due to lack of consent we where not able to introduce all of our volunteers to you. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our helpers, that make it possible to accomplish the Jade Race. This includes the responsible authorities that help us to implement the official requirements in order to ensure a safe Event. Finally we would like to introduce the next volunteers:
  • Heike Schuessler, Steward
  • Iris Behrens, Event Organizer
  • Andrea Kloss, Track Crew
  • Rene Kloss, Race Director
  • André Martens, Race Director
  • Michael Behrens, Event Organizer
  • Stefanie Lugner, Steward
One or two have been the crew since the begining 10 years ago and others have joined us over the years. Many Thanks for your contribution!