arrival information

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Due to flight operations ceasing on Thursday 8pm, the setup of the race event will begin in the late hours of Thursday evening, therefore we recommend that race teams plan their arrival at one of the following times:

  • Thursday, 18.07.2019, gates open at 10 pm until ca. 2 am
  • Friday, 19.07.2019, gates open at 9 am until 12am (midnight)

On Thursday evening during the setup of the event the main entrance must be kept clear of traffic, therefore it is imperative for all teams to proceed to the collection site, which is on the car park of the Disco “Twister” in Sande (see picture below). The teams will be welcomed and pre-cleared at the collection site. On Friday teams can proceed directly to the main gate of the track. This year the number of participants again has grown significantly, so we must ensure that the pit area is well organized, therefore we will begin clearing the heavy trucks / lorries first to enter the pit area on Thursday at 10 pm, so they have sufficient space to manoeuvre. The teams with small trucks etc. will follow. We kindly ask for your cooperation and patience. After the teams have set up their pit space, they can proceed to the race office to sign-on for the event.